May Update

May 2, 2008

            Two weeks ago on a Thursday I found myself sitting at a table with two recovering meth addicts.  The topic for discussion?  Fatherhood.  “She’s gunna say a lot of things she don’t mean”  “Just hope you don’t have a colicky baby!”  I had to laugh.  “Am I really getting parenting advice from ex-meth heads?”  The conversation couldn’t have lasted more than twenty minutes, but I found myself walking away with more than a smile on my face.  God is at work in the lives of these two dads, restoring them to fatherhood.  For me it was one of those this-is-what-salvation-is-all-about moments where the work of the cross is so beautifully fleshed out in the broken lives of people so carefully pieced together again by the Maker. 

            Whew!  Just twenty-four weeks left until Kate and I (and baby Jude) plan to catch a plane to Holland—and the clock is ticking!  In preparation of zero hour, we will be hosting a senders training night May 22 at 7:00 pm in Crossroads’ family room.  Once we are gone, we will be heavily dependant on our senders not only for financial and pray needs, but also for practical, technical and moral support—this is what we will be gathering to explore.  We look forward to seeing you there as we collaboratively craft an integral part of the support system which makes our going to Holland possible! 

            Thank you for your fervent prayers on our behalf.  They are a comfort and strength to 

us daily.  Here are some of our current needs:
  •  BUSYNESS: things are heating up as we head toward a packed summer schedule—pray for balance.
    • SUMMER MISSIONS: with the teams populated we now begin the real logistical heavy lifting
    • BABY JUDE—only 15 weeks left!       


                Thanks for your prayers and help along this journey of faith.  We look forward to getting together with you all on the 22nd!



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