June Update

June 6, 2008

Thursday May 22nd over 30 of you came to Crossroads to do something radical: you opened the door to participation in our ministry in a way that has never before been done at Crossroads.  Typically, when a missionary goes out, only a couple items linger on the senders’ “to do list”; paying and praying being the most persistent.  When we met May 22nd, we began a process of carving a new vision of mission and participation in the building of God’s global kingdom—and man is it exciting!  Kate and I were both blessed and blown away by your contributions during the night and we look forward to the unfolding of even greater things which lie in store! 

            Slowly, and yet all too quickly, the work moves forward and Kate and I continue our long journey toward the field.  For us May 22nd was a quantum leap in the support that will carry us to Holland, so I’d like to recap so that we can all stay on the same page.  The chief purpose of the night was to establish and explore five major areas of support: moral, communication, logistical, financial and prayerful.  Looking out in to the months and years to come, we are going to need shoulders to cry on, hands to help, hearts to give, ears to hear and co-laborers to work alongside.  Where do you fit?  Check out joewulf.pbwiki.com where you can read about the specific challenges and responses the team came up with.  Then we invite you to get involved by contacting the leader of the group you fit best in!  Don’t hesitate to email me with any questions!


            Here are some of our major prayer needs we are struggling with right now (also check out our blog at joewulf.wordpress.com for more updates!):

     BABY: We start our Bradley classes on the twelfth!  Only ten weeks left!

     SUPPORT: We have $1700 in monthly pledges pray for the clarification of Crossroads’ role 

     ADVOCACY TEAMS: Vision, clarity and leadership in each area of support!


            Thanks you again for your patience and willingness to learn with us through this process!  God bless!


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