Mission Possible: Mobilizing Middle School Students to Mission

June 17, 2008


“Now I know what to do with my life!”–the words of one middle school student as she exited Medical Teams International’s (MTI) “Real. Life.” exhibit June 14th.  What response could be better than that for the middle school ministry’s first attempt at mobilizing students to missions?  In all, we had about 35 students join us Saturday as we exposed them to both the needs of the world and God’s heart in the middle of it all. 

Though we only spent three hours on location in Tigard at MTI’sinternational headquarters, the time was jam packed, including an hour experiencing “Real. Life.”, an hour learning about life in Africa without running water and an hour learning about how they can get involved with what God is doing in the world (by praying, giving and going). 

Maybe it is because of their age, or maybe it is because they are so rambunctious, but there are few things sweeter than seeing a middle school student get it.  They are, after all, the next generation of the church.  Let us pray that God will use them to lead his church into a more faithful reflection of the Son!


One Response to “Mission Possible: Mobilizing Middle School Students to Mission”

  1. It is indeed a very cool, amazing thing when they get it.

    Seem to recall some conversation about a camp when you were in 8th grade . . .

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