July Update

July 10, 2008

Be sure to meet Shey and Arto!

As we walked to the car, leaving Portland International Airport with two friends of ours from the Netherlands (Shey and Arto pictured at right) just coming to visit this month, I found myself almost experiencing reverse culture shock. The car makes, the lane width, urban sprawl, the roses, the mountains, the largeness of everything—each facet of our American (and particularly un-Dutch) life here, experienced for the first time by our visitors, reminded me of the culture shock Kate and I have waiting for us on the other side of the planet. I can already hear the Lord asking, “Who will you cling to when all your other comforts are gone?” Pray that our hearts would be malleable as God continues to fit us for the ministry he has for us!

As of July 4th Kate and I have officially begun to pack up our duplex so that we can be fully moved out by the end of the month. Hardly having begun the process, we are already indebted to our Advocates! You are gathering boxes, setting up garage sales, volunteering to clean our duplex and store our stuff, and, and, and! A huge thank you to those of you who have already proved so helpful! It is awesome to see the Lord drawing his church into the building of his kingdom! Be sure to visit joewulf.pbwiki.com to find out how you can be involved or to join an Advocacy Team if you aren’t on one yet. Also, keep visiting joewulf.wordpress.com for weekly updates and prayer requests. Thanks again for your support!

As our different Advocacy Teams are getting up and running, keep your ear to the ground for more information on when we will be starting monthly prayer meetings. Until then please join us in prayer for the requests listed at right.

We would love to hear from you—email, phone or comment on the blog any time! God bless you as we continue on in to the summer!


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