To Holland With Love

July 18, 2008

Since Shey and Arto’s arrival July 1st I have been marveling at the effect of their presence here.  Without question I knew that their time here would impact their lives.  During their time they’ve been submerged in youth ministry at Crossroads (including leading small groups at summer camp), they’ve experienced the fourth of July at the Fort, they’ve seen the American church at work and at play, and a million other things.  What I didn’t expect was their effect on the people around them.

Over the ppast three weeks I’ve watched as our two friends, by their very presence, have been pulling everyone they meet into a global experience.  All of the sudden people are asking about Holland and Europe: “What is the Lord doing over there?” “What do you think of life here?”  and “How are things different over there?”  Without even realizing it, they are making people do exactly what we’ve been inviting them to do: think globally. 

The question nags in my mind as Kate and I prepare to leave for Holland in just twelve short weeks: how can we connect as the Church across 5,000 miles to make a difference for the Kingdom of Christ?  How can we continue inviting Christ’s Body to remember its other members?  

Certainly an answer must be heard or attempted, but there cannot be just one man to speaks it.  Again it must be “The whole church taking the whole Gospel to the whole world.”  For me Shey and Arto’s visit has been a reminder that the Gospel requires not only go, but receiving as well.  Only when I have opened myself to know the full extent of the Church–which is Christ in us–can I begin to see the fullest manifestation of the Gospel–which is Christ in me.


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