Amsterdam Here They Come!

July 22, 2008

Crossroads’ Amsterdam team left today to go minister for the next 16 days on the streets of Holland’s capitol!  Traveling with them were Shey and Arto–our two Dutch friends who have been here the last three weeks. 

While it was sad to see them all go–especially going without me–I am excited for the ministry the Lord has laid before them!  As one of the planners of the trip, I get a bit of a preview of the Lord’s working in this trip.  This time last week we were wondering how that last $4,500 would come in, or (I should say) who the Lord was going to use to provide it.  Surprise, surprise that God has done it again, but I don’t think that provision will ever stop being thrilling to see!  God is so good!  Check out these sites for more updates from the team members Ryan Topper and Cam Wyenberg.

Traveling ahead of the team are Ryan Topper (who just arrived in Amsterdam this morning by God’s grace) and Alicia Smith, who has been in Hungary attending Calvary Chapel’s missions training school (and is pictured).  I would love to see (and facilitate) this sort of thing, where we are releasing people into ministry like this.  I love it, and it gets my imagination going…Where could this make a difference in Amsterdam?  Perhaps at the 19,000 student university in Amsterdam…?


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