This Isn’t Missions as Your Grandpa Did It…

July 24, 2008

I just had a twenty minute instant messaging session on Facebook with Shey Macnack, (one of the two students who just returned home from a three week stay in Vancouver), Zilka Gerritsen (who have offered to host Kate and I in Holland for as long as we need), and Kari Hagelganz (who is co-leading Crossroads’ Amsterdam team, presently finding their feet in ministry).  Fifty, twenty and even ten years ago, this would have been impossible, or at best unlikely.  Today the possibilities are endless! 

Kari and I discussed their budget and changing ministry needs and outlook (check out her blog!).  Shey told me she has been asked to share with the church about her time in Holland on Sunday.  And Zilka and I began making connections which I am sure will be a huge help as Kate and I actually settle in to life in Holland.  With this sort of potential, I cannot even imagine how we, as the worldwide body of Christ, might minister together in the coming years!


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