Now That The Family Is All Here…

August 17, 2008

What A Smile!Something happened the minute Jude was born. Well, a lot of things happened, but there was one especially that I did not expect. Of course these last nine months Kate and I have been expecting to become parents. We have been expecting to have our lives turned upside down by this third member of our little family.  After all, what have we been working for and preparing for this whole time?

Growing up I remember getting that “It is finally happening” feeling anytime something big was just around the corner.  Whether it was a vacation, a mission trip or even just summer, there always seemed to come this moment where nothing else stood between me and whatever it was that I was about to do.

Jude made that moment happen.  It is hard to explain, but somehow the mental leap that happened when he was born seems to have catapulted us nearly onto the plane that will take us to our home these next three to five years.  The family is together, the Lord is providing the funds, we are learning the ropes with Worldventure and now more than ever we continue to prepare to leave in just a few more weeks. Though we still have eight weeks until we plan on leaving, it now feels like the moment is finally here and we are indeed, truly getting ready to move to Holland.  What a journey.


One Response to “Now That The Family Is All Here…”

  1. Shar Baker Says:

    Hey, Joey! Congrats to you all!

    It’s parenthood that allows us to ask those questions…a gift of changing perspective. In the same way that missions changes who you are inside. We can ignore the questions, fight them, or wrestle with and embrace them.


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