Happy Birthday Jude!

August 18, 2008

“Happy birthday Jude!  How does it feel to be a week old?  Any different.  In some ways I can’t imagine it does, but then again, every moment is a celebration at this age.” As this sequence of thoughts made their way through my head today I couldn’t help but question: when is it finally okay to get over the wonder of living another day?  Though I don’t know exactly how long a person has to be alive before they are deemed unworthy of celebrating daily, I know I have assigned that value somewhere, because there are plenty of people who’s life I choose not to celebrate.

Forget other people for a second.  When did I stop celebrating every day of my life?  At what point did I conclude that life was my right to be clutched greedily rather than a gift to be received gratefully?  How have my clenched fists atrophied against that open-handed amazement at the God who gives and gives and gives?

Fatherhood is not supposed to make you ask questions like this…


One Response to “Happy Birthday Jude!”

  1. You silly little man you. I’d be surprised if fatherhood didn’t make you ask all sorts of questions. Unclehood made me ask questions that seemed ridiculous at the time; I was only an uncle!

    Anyways, congratulations. I realized I never said that yet. I suck!

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