August Update

September 2, 2008

As I climbed under the bed yet again to fetch that life altering item known as a pacifier I couldn’t help but pause to consider the way our lives have changed in the last three weeks… While I think we had a pretty good handle on the responsibility side of the changes we would experience—the diaper changing, sleeplessness, and all that—I don’t know that a person can ever been ready for the perspective difference a child brings.  It seems like Jude has changed the way we experience just about everything!  From relating to friends and casual conversations to routine tasks like taking a shower and going to church, we’ve been relearning everything since August 11th!  God help us as the world we’ve known these past 24 years gets turned upside-down!

Jude Kiss

With our son finally in tow and out of Momma’s “tummy”, the road is now finally cleared for us to be making our last preparations for the field.  While for Kate and I this means orienting ourselves to Worldventure with training at the end of the month, continuing to set up meetings to invite people on to our team, and more practical prep for the move, the really exciting stuff has more to do with you!  Keep watching the blog for updates on where you can get involved, including prayer meeting time/location, and events like the September 19-21 garage sale our Advocates are planning.


3 Responses to “August Update”

  1. katieo Says:

    Oh wow. We totally hear you. Re-learning how to live is a perfect way to phrase it! We love you guys 🙂 –Katie O.

  2. Ralph Cassel Says:

    It is so good to see how God is going before you. Eph 2:10

  3. So wordpress has at the bottom of your post randomly generated posts that are possibly related. One is titled Alcoholism Sucks. Huh.

    Joey, I’m praying for you guys.

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