Financial Update

September 6, 2008

Of course a huge part of our getting to go right now is dependant on how our finances are coming together, so I thought I’d write to keep you in the loop (not to mention so that you can pray for us as well!):

Monthly Expenses:

Our monthly budget–which has just been firmed up this week–has been set at about $4200 (yeah there are still some things we are working out).  About $800 of our budget is for personal discretionary use (including things like food, diapers, personal travel, etc.)  So far we have gotten commitments from people covering some $3100 of our monthly needs.

One-time Expenses:

On top of our need for monthly support, we are also waiting on the Lord to provide almost $22,000.00 in one-time expenses (including almost $10,000 for visas, $5,800 for a car and 3,000 for airfare to Holland).  So far, the Lord has provided jst under $13,000.00 in this area.

Looking ahead to the next six weeks you can be praying with us that God would:

  • Provide the remaining $1,100 in monthly commitments
  • Provide the remaining $9,000 in one-time needs
  • Continue to provide for those families who are sacrificing to support the mission God has called us to in the Netherlands (especially as we have invited them to begin giving through Worldventure this month)

A huge thank you to all of our prayer and financial supporters out there!  It is exciting to see God providing through his molding of hearts!

We are getting close!


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