September 9, 2008

A friend told me a story today about a local pastor here in the area.  The names in this story have been changed to protect the innocent.

About 24 years ago, as Pastor Johnson was headed for the door after a long Sunday of sermons and shaking hands he found himself cornered by three of the elders.  “Uh oh.  This is wierd.  What’s wrong?”  Though in a non-chalant way the three men had asked their pastor to step in to a side room for a little

“Great sermon today pastor.”

“Thanks…Uh…So, what’s up?”

“We’ve been talking and we think that there’s something getting in the way for you.  Something getting in between you and the best that God has for you, and we think it might be putting your family in danger.”

“Really?  That sounds serious, what is it?”


Yeah, I embellished the story a little…okay a lot.  But the heart of it (the family comes first part) is true.  Its a balancing game most of us play, and one to which I’m only just learning the rules.  Whew!  Dad-ing is hard work, but its also ministry.  And I have a feeling it is going to set the tone for how I and we approach the rest of ministry as well, especially in a world of broken homes and broken fathers.  How better to minister the cross than by starting with those closest to us?

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