TV at its finest

September 17, 2008

The other night I was blown away by an ad I saw on t.v.  There is so much garbage to wade through normally but this was a breath of fresh air.  Who’s ever heard of a company concerned about the negative influence the media has on young girls?

Even though I grew up in a very loving environment I still struggled with body image due to the onslaught of unrealistic expectations conveyed by movies and television. I grieve for the girls who are never told they are loved, who don’t feel beautiful.  Who is telling them what beauty is?

You can’t even go through the checkout line today without being bombarded by pictures of “perfect” woman. In a world where celebrities are constantly criticized for having cellulite or even a bad hair day it’s refreshing to know there is a company who sees this as a problem.  Kudos to Dove.



3 Responses to “TV at its finest”

  1. Win Says:

    YES! I totally dug this commercial the first time I saw it, too!
    Good work. Now more companies should do the same thing.

  2. katieo Says:

    i really like it too! they have several good commercials related to their real beauty campaigns. i so do not want my daughter to be a product of tis horrible degrading culture. it is so scary as a new mom to see teenage girls now and pray that God is with Claire through it all.

  3. riikka Says:

    wow. i’m glad i saw that video! thanks to media, i’ve always struggled with the way i look, just like most of the girls. if i have a daughter someday, i will want to teach her from the very beginning, what true beauty is. . . and that she IS beautiful and loved. i hate make-up & hair ads, all they do is make women in this world feel not-pretty-enough. but it is really all just photoshop. they should start putting up REAL pictures of REAL people!
    i love this commercial. have to spread it around 🙂

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