Cry Baby

September 23, 2008

Until about three days ago, Kate and I would have told anyone that Jude really doesn’t cry at all.  Sure he would cry if we waited long enough when he was hungry, but he never did an inconsolable cry…

Its not that Jude is crying 24/7 (its actually only about an hour a day around 9:30 or 10:00 pm), it just the experience of hearing him cry like he does.  Most of his crying before has fallen more in the cute category; mostly evoking the “Ohhh poor little guy…but what a sweet cry.”  Jude’s most recent cries have left us with much more serious questions and feelings in the “Am I a bad parent?” “Am I hurting him?”  and “Is there some huge thing we’ve been missing?” genre that automatically raise the stress in a room. 

I suppose all parent’s go through this stage as they continue to follow God down the path he has call them down.  So far I think we’re doing well: we’re reserving our right to walk away from a crying Jude and we’re not taking on, bud do pray for us as we continue to learn and grow in to parenthood! 


One Response to “Cry Baby”

  1. Win Says:

    I’ve had that happen, dude, when I babysat my first niece when she was only a few months old. She would cry and cry when I put her to bed, doing the best I could to replicate the feeling of being held before being put in her crib. I couldn’t help but feel… well, helpless.
    Joey, you and Kate are wonderful people who grew up in trying and joyous times, and the same will be for Jude, because I know his parents are good parents simply by allowing God to be first in the family.

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