Sometimes It Gets You

October 23, 2008

Sometimes, at the most random of moments, I’ll find myself having these out-of-body this-may-be-the-last-time-I-_______ experiences.  Just the other night I was sitting at the end of the table at Vancouver Pizza Co. enjoying some pizza with the fam, when it hit me–“This could be the last time we do this before we leave…”  Not that it being the last time is bad, I guess.  Its more that it is weird.  

 Anyway, through the night I continued to replay the experience, rehearsing it from different people’s perspectives.  How would I have experienced that dinner in someone else’s, more stationary shoes?  Would I have interacted with people differently?  What things would I have said differently or not at all?  As I continued to mull things over, I got to thinking: What if I approached all of life like that?  I’m not just talking about the live-like-its your-last-day sort of stuff.  Specifically I mean, how would I live life differently if I knew today was the last time I would see a homeless person?  Or a paralyzed person?  Or someone being victimized by any of the many broken system in this broken world?  

Would their hurt effect me differently?  Would I say anything different to them?  Would I feel quite so threatened by their pain as I normally do? 

Funny the things moving around the world makes you think…


2 Responses to “Sometimes It Gets You”

  1. Win Says:

    How about the last time I get to see you guys before you’re not within driving distance anymore for four years?

  2. I remember thinking that while I was preparing to leave Houston; strangest was the last time I got to see my “little sister.” We had lunch, like normal, we joked, we played, and then I hugged her goodbye and she cried a lot. And it was this weird experience to think, “I won’t be having lunch with her and Rod (another friend) again next Friday. I won’t have these interactions.” It’s a weird thing.

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