One-Time Update!

October 27, 2008

Just a quick update tonight before we head to bed: as of last night our one-time costs have officially been covered!  That’s right, the $24,000 journey to having all of our start-up costs has concluded, and now we’re within sight of our departure!  

The most obvious question on everyone’s mind at this point (I would guess) is, So when are you going to leave?  The answer to that question is dependent on two things.  The first factor is determined by how long it takes our supporters to let Worldventure know they will be supporting us on-goingly.  Provided all the right paperwork gets in through the course of the next couple days, we could be buying tickets as early as the end of the week.  Should this happen, we are faced with the other factor: how long we’re going to need to be ready to go.  As of now, our most likely dates for departure are either November 7th or 14th.  

God has been amazingly faithful in bringing us to this point and we are sooo excited to be following him on in to the new things he has in store for us!


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