Morning Number Two in Holland

November 10, 2008

First off, I can’t believe that we’ve only been here for two mornings.  Already it seems like we’ve been here for much longer.  Secondly, I’m pretty pleased with how we’re making the time zone transition so far.  Let me bring you up to speed.

Though we we’re sad to say our goodbyes at the airport on Friday (thanks for the note Ethan, Krista and parentals!), we had an awesome flight over.  The whole ten hours I think Jude probably slept for at least six hours and hardly cried once! (just one single yelp while waiting to eat!)  Thanks for your prayers for us there, they made a huge difference!
Our Current Home

The second story just above the guy next to the windows on the right is just below the apartment where we are staying on the second story.

Our first day here was a lot better than years past, but still a pretty miserable feeling day, with the time change and all.  Following an alright night of sleep, that started at eight and was interupted at 3:30 am when Jude decided it was morning, we had a great time at Cross Culture Calvary Chapel, our new church home, where we also spoke.  Yesterday, we mostly spent hanging with Tom and Zilka our hosts, just hanging and resting for the journey. 

You can be praying for us today as we begin the visa process (and discover what all we’ve forgotten to bring…).  Please be praying for us through this process as we go through what I’m anticipating will an agonizingly slow of transitioning into making Holland home–and this all with the three of us all having colds!  

Thanks for praying for us!  We lean on your prayers daily and look forward to the great things God has planned here in Holland!


7 Responses to “Morning Number Two in Holland”

  1. karen osgood Says:

    Bummer, the picture won’t come through on my computer!
    We’ll be praying about those colds.

  2. sonya durden Says:

    The picture doesn’t come through for me, either.

  3. Eh, I could always get you some free visas. You’ll just have to pretend you’re someone else. That’s not so hard right? And Jude will have to be 13 years old. Teach him to act like one and you’ll do fine.

  4. Mom Says:

    okay, so was there actually a picture or is this some sort of evil trick?

  5. Elise Says:

    Glad to hear your flight went well, Jon and I were praying for you. Thanks for updating us, what an exciting adventure you’ve started! We love you guys, and you’ll continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. Keep the updates coming! XOXO

  6. Mom Says:

    ah, there it is. Is that-YOU-peaking out of that window?

  7. Mom Says:

    And why does my picture come up as a dark snowflake and Cam is a nice little Cam face?

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