A Glimpse of Things to Come

November 13, 2008

Though I’m dying to get some more pictures up here, it looks like we’ll all have to wait a bit more, as both of our camera’s batteries are dead and our charger is still on its way.  Lame.  Anyway, back to the important stuff…

I couldn’t help but be excited Tuesday night as we sat in our first time of worship and Bible study with the youth of our new church home.  It was as if the drab curtain of bureaucracy lifted to grant us a moment of vision into what God has for us beyond filling out forms, learning language and in all other ways being an infant.  While there’s a good chance I am biased, I think God has great things in store for his people here.  

Looking in to the future, we’ll be spending the next couple of weeks (at leastand possibly months) working our way through Colossians as we center the ministry on the Lordship of Christ–which we also intend to be the rubric by which we evaluate everything we do as a ministry.  Again, I find myself drawn back to that same Chinese poem I shared a couple of months ago 

Go to the people

Live among them

Learn from them

Love them

Start with what they know

Build on what they have:

But of the

best leaders

When their task is done

The people will remark

“We have done it ourselves.”

With so much of our goals in line with this, I’m guessing it will still be a while till we’re really banging on all cylinders.  What a benefit though to really see God’s people in this place embrace God’s heart for all generations!  Especially when he is doing so much in the hearts of the youth here already!


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