The Church and Her Mission

November 26, 2008

Reading and preparing as the youth ministry here gains speed I ran in to a quote I would like to hold in mind:

Start with the Church and the mission will probably get lost.  Start with mission and it is likely that the Church will be found (Graham Cray in The Mission Shaped Church quoted in The Forgotten Ways, p 143)


There’s not a lot of meat on these bones yet, and this skeleton understanding will probably have to do for quite some time, but at least I think this sort of focus will set us in a good direction.  And I, for one, am excited to see where we end up…


3 Responses to “The Church and Her Mission”

  1. John Evans Says:

    Hey guys!

    We greatly enjoyed our time with Joey’s parents and others at the Kuppens Tuesday evening, especially praying for you.

    It was great to hear what the others have been hearing as they’ve Skyped and texted with you. We’re going to get the necessary software so we can talk with rather than hear about you-all.

    I’m assuming we’ll have Kate’s parents at the next prayer time. Everyone wants to work to that end so they’ll be in attendance as well.

    Looking forward to hearing/seeing you in the near future. Needless to say, you’re always in our prayers.

  2. Mom Says:

    Joey, I am sure there is a deeply spiritual significance to the horse on a John Deere wagon, but I just can’t grasp what it is-can you and Kate help me out with that?

  3. joewulf Says:

    I was hoping this cart and horse might jog your memory toward other sayings you may have heard about carts and horses and which order one might be advised to put them in…
    And I couldn’t settle for something too obvious either.

    Hi John! Thanks for the comment! It is great to hear from you guys! I’m excited to talk with you on Skype! Thanks for the prayer of course! We feel their impact daily!

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