The Lord told Noah “there’s gonna be a floody, floody”

December 8, 2008

Recently I have started taking Jude through his picture Bible.  He mainly enjoys gazing at the pictures but I tell him the stories anyway.  It has made me very aware of the critical role I play in his life.  Joey and I have been given the amazing charge of not only meeting his physical and emotional needs, but of his spiritual needs as well.  That is a huge undertaking and one I do not want to take up lightly.  

As I confront this reality I find myself thinking about how I was taught the Bible as a child.  Mostly I remember learning the cutsie fairytale versions of the Bible stories, you know, with felt boards, coloring books and the like.  There was always something left out in those stories.  For instance: I grew up in the church thinking that Jonah was a great guy, that Solomon was righteous and wise, that David was a devout King, and that Noah built a sweet boat.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that they aren’t and that they didn’t do those things, it’s just that I came to a point in my life when I realized there was more to the story.  I realized that the people God was choosing to use were broken and sinful.  It felt as if the stories had been flipped upside down and I am just wondering if that kind of transition is necessary.  

How can I teach my son the full story of God’s restoration of the world without the recognition of human failure?  I don’t really know exactly how to do this, I just want to keep it in mind while I read to him.  

On another note we visited the replica of the ark this weekend, it’s in Amsterdam until February and then it will move on.  We were told they are building a full scale replica! (the current ark is about half the size as the one described in Genesis)  It was great to see the ministry the employees have through the vessel…they have seen people come to know Jesus through it!  Enjoy the pics!

Noah in Amsterdam

What would you do with 1,800 trees?

Coffee on the Ark

A worthy improvement!


2 Responses to “The Lord told Noah “there’s gonna be a floody, floody””

  1. Win Says:

    Kate, I think that’s what makes the stories freakin’ awesome is that God does use broken and sinful people. I think it would suck if all the stories of the Bible were about rich, successful, had-no-problems-ever people, because we’d be like “oh, that worked out for them because they are up there, and we’re down here.”
    I would love to Skype with you both sometime, but that stinking time zone difference does put a strain.

  2. Elise Says:

    Jon and I have often talked about the same thing… How we grew up and had to go through the tough transition that the stories we grew up learning weren’t exactly… …accurate… It’s like we were losing our innocence, or we had put these people from the Bible up on a pedestal and they disappointed us, but then we had to remember that it is actually a GOOD thing that they didn’t live up to the near-perfection we had attached to them growing up, because that meant that we might be have a chance to be used in the same ways. That’s a really good point, Joey, one that we’ve wondered about with Solveig, too.

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