January 16, 2009

These last couple days, since listening to a sweet interview of Derek Webb and Donald Miller (search in the podcasts on iTunes for “Derek Webb”), I’ve been thinking about neighboring.  Beyond Jesus’ simple challenge to love my neighbor well , I find myself pondering some related questions, specifically, “Where am I from?” and “What citizenship am I living out?”  

Eight years ago, when I came to faith I stopped being a soccer player, a guitarist, or a funny, friendly guy.  In fact, that moment was so powerful, I even stopped being American.  So how do I neighbor well as a citizen of a coming Kingdom who’s law is love and who’s king is currently reigning from the clouds?  

Hanging with Students on the Ice

Skating with students last Sunday!

This summer we are looking at having at least two teams come work with us out here in Holland, and it has got me to thinking: How ought these trips express the kind of good neighboring Jesus defines in his Gospel?  How would it change my life to stop being American and start being a citizen of heaven?  Could I still get away with the bank accounts I have?  Would my home continue look the way it does?  (Don’t worry, there will be no offering taken at the end of this post.  These are strictly my own reflections as a needy, growing person)  Would I not work to overcome compassion burnout for the sake of the Kingdom?  

Every mission trip I have led or facilitated in the past has been from the sending side.  Is it odd that I should face so much more difficult questions of mission and kingdom building from this side of the telescope?  Strangely, I just might learn more this summer about the heart of Jesus and his mission than any of the people who join us.

Though we’re still in the basic planning stages, I’m excited for the teams that are coming this summer; for their ministry, for their impact and for the transformation God has waiting in store for them, here among their neighbors.  


3 Responses to “Neighbors”

  1. Mom Says:

    Very thought provoking bit of writing. I downloaded the podcast, just waiting to be able to listen to it. Thanks!

  2. Mom Says:

    Pastor Bill mentioned that we are citizens of a Heavenly Kingdom, not just American. I wonder if he has been reading your blog?

  3. Michal Says:

    This is coming a bit late… but we’re really excited, too! 🙂

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