What would you do for internet…

January 27, 2009

How difficult a thirteen minute walk makes it to stay connected with the life, the universe and everything!  Just nine days left till the internet man finally comes to our house to help us feed the habit!

In the mean time, things here have been going really well.  The house is pretty much set up (kitchen table/chairs coming Thursday) and we’ve each broken one dish (two dinner plates, one mug and one glass account for the casualties).  Jude is cute as ever and very fun to feed solids to (pictures soon!).  We’ve begun meeting with students at the house and are hoping to expand our ministry to the students in time.

Our Tuesday night Bible study with the youth is going great!  The group has stayed consistent through our study of Colossians, and I’m hoping to move them in to some deeper discipleship relationships as we wrap-up our study (tonight moves us in to the final chapter of the book!). The book of John is waiting in the hopper as we begin studying people who misunderstand Jesus in the book.  (You’d be surprise by how many of them there are!)  Hopefully I can get some of these studies up on studywithme.wordpress.com as well so that you can keep track with us.

For all of our unconnectedness, I must say there has been one huge thing that has been great for us to find as we resurface to connect with you all: that we have not been forgotten.  To everyone who has sent cards, care packages, letters, emails, Facebook messages on our walls, sky written messages and billboards–thank you, thank you, thank you!

In my office right now is a wonderful drawing from my niece along with some pictures she sent me.  In Jude’s diaper bag there is an awesome book and a take-along blanket friends have sent us (so awesome!).  Our Senseo (coffee maker–check them out!  They’re pretty cool) is brewing Kate a fresh cup of Starbucks coffee.  We have been snacking on chocolate chips friends and family have sent us.

Thanks for remembering us and making us feel cared for!  You lift our spirits so much and we’re looking forward to the internet coming again to help us connect with you more!  Until then a huge thank you to sooo many people!


3 Responses to “What would you do for internet…”

  1. i can totally relate…I think I would die w/out it! 🙂

  2. Gregg Says:

    It’s possible I would kill for the internet. Not likely, but possible . . .

  3. Kid Says:

    cute vid of Jude. Hope you guys are doing well

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