Small Group

February 10, 2009

A couple of students and I started going through Donald Miller’s book Searching for God Knows What on Sunday’s after church.  If you haven’t read the book yet I highly recommend it.  

Among a plethora of thought provoking quotes, one especially impacted me.  I know it’s a bit long, but here it is: 

If I weren’t a Christian, and I kept seeing Christian leaders on television more concerned with moeny, fame, and power than with grace, love, and social justice, I wouldn’t want ot believe in God at all.  I really wouldn’t.  The whole thing would make me want to walk away from religion altogether because, like I was saying about Santa Claus, their god must be an idiot to see the world in such a one-sided way.  The god who cares so much about getting rich must not have treasures stored up in heaven, and the god so concerned about getting even must not have very much patience, and the god who cares so much about  the West must really hate the rest of the world, and that doesn’t sound like a very good god to me.  The televangelist can have him for all I care" (28-29).

As I reminded the guys (and myself) on Sunday, this quote is not about theology, but about the lives from which these little theologies are built; daily un-orthopraxy proclaiming daily un-orthodoxy.  I’m still thinking this through: what theology, what God (or god) might be built from my life?


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