Closer Than You Think

February 19, 2009

Though my latest aural addiction–a band called Fiction Family (another expression of Jon Foreman’s genius)–is riddled with songs I would recommend (especially “Please Don’t Call it Love” and “War in My Veins”).  As I was administering my daily dose, I was caught by a song I wanted to share with you.  The song is called “Closer Than You Think”:

You’ve got a vision of some far of day
Beautiful and bright
A carrot hanging out of reach
But always in your sight
There’s an icon in your mind that stands
For happiness one day
A picture on some wall of a kingdom far away 


It’s closer than you think
It’s breathing in between
It’s closer than you think
It’s right under your feet

The sky is much more blue
But the clouds are always white
The streets of course are bold
And always lit with rain to flight
There’s nothing on this earth
That’s as good as what’s up there
Life is so much better
When you’re floating in the air 


Forget about your brother
If he doesn’t seem to understand
The hurt that you’ve concocted in your head
Nevermind your sister
When she asks you silly questions
About all the broken people left unfed
Burning questions are better left for dead 

Spend your life inside a box looking through stained glass
Dream about a better day and hope it finds you fast


It’s right under your feet
It’s right under your feet

As I listen to the song, and as I read the lyrics once more, I’m reminded–that of which Jesus speaks is not so far off!  “Jesus has already broken in to our world!  The restoration has already begun!  So stop dreaming about some coming perfection and start living this restored kingdom now!  Get your head out of the clouds and get your hands dirty with the sweat and mud of kingdom!”

Thanks for the reminder Jon.


3 Responses to “Closer Than You Think”

  1. Mom Says:

    Joey, is there any way you can post this song here somehow?

  2. Terra Says:

    This is fantastic! Going to look for a sample on itunes.

  3. Mom Says:

    I bought it, terra.

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