March 11, 2009

Back from Paris and now on to catching up with the world that kept turning as we stepped off for a short break.  Before that though, I thought I’d post some pics from Paris first:

Sainte Chapelle (Kate’s favorite church in Paris)

Sainte Chapelle

The Louvre

In the Louvre

Going up the Arc de Triomphe

264 Stairs up the Arc de Triomphe

Jude was an absolute dream during the trip!  (What a cute guy!)

Happy baby!

Touring the Seine by boat

Boat Touring Babies

Behind Notre Dame

Behind Notre Dame

And finally, a sweet concert Kate and I saw the night my parents gave us a date night evening:

One thought from the trip (if anyone actually scrolls down this far!): The French have shown themselves to be very sweet with our little buddy.  Maybe it was Jesus taking care of us on yet another journey, but it seemed that we found ourselves surrounded by kind people who were more than interested in playing with, moving for and singing to Jude wherever we went!

What a great time of refreshment–and now we’re back at it here in Holland excited for the task that lies ahead!


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