Becoming More Dutch

March 20, 2009

Stepping foot inside what I now hoped would be my bank I quickly scanned the room looking for anything familiar.  Making my way confidently up to a man I assumed to be the teller–as he was the only person in the room not sitting in what was obviously a waiting area–I began: “I’m interested in opening a savings account.”  “Something, something, something, something, engels,” he replied with a motion to a counter behind a glass door.  “Doesn’t speak english.  I get it.”  “Guess I’ll just wait,” I said.  After a few minutes, the Dutch-only “teller” I had been speaking to, opened the glass door, went to the counter, preformed some transaction, and left…another customer accosted by another clueless expat.

Bungled as it was, this week’s adventure in Dutch banking does bring along with it a praise report: the government has granted everyone in the house a Burgerservicenummer (BSN)!  While this doesn’t mean anything for our visa process just yet (i.e. whether we have been approved or not), it does allow us to get bank accounts, debit cards, and cell phones (beyond our current pre-paid phones)!

Perhaps even more than our recent acquisition of a deep frying (which are apparently more Dutch than windmills or clogs), getting our BSN, bank accounts and cell phones really is a mental leap for us in our “this is really happening and we’re really here to stay” process.  Yeah, it funny to still be having, “Its really happening” experiences four and a half months in to our time here, but its also a great reminder to me that we only been here four and a half months.

There is a wall, I am told, that we will likely hit sometime this year.  I’m sure we will.  We’ll see when that time comes.  until then, its fries and croquette all around at the Wulf-Younger house!


One Response to “Becoming More Dutch”

  1. Shirley Says:

    Hello! We’re enjoying reading your updates — praying for you during this time of adjustment to a new place with your new family.

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