Prayer Walk

April 21, 2009

Prayer walking our way through one of the more Muslim neighborhoods in our area with Nathan, Anna and a couple of students this Saturday, I was amazed at how simply praying together can provide such a beautiful window to the soul.

It is hard not to respond with love and care to children playing in the shadows aging apartment buildings, to clotheslines strung with drying baby clothes and to a “Christian” grade school whose voice for the coming hope has long been lost.

How is Christ calling our church to minister and reach out to the needs of the Turkish and Moroccan people in our area?  As my own heart has begun to feel for these typically lower class, less educated, lower income, higher crime rate people, I am excited to see and hear the church begin to awaken to the needs around her.

Last year I remember reading the prayers of students posted on a wall in response to the overwhelming needs of the world (presented at Medical Teams International’s “Real. Life.” exhibit).  Saturday I heard an echo of those prayers as we are beginning to awaken to the needs of our neighbors.  I only pray we have ears to hear…

Don’t use it for a term paper, but you can read more about Islam in the Netherlands on Wikipedia (especially check out the “Radicalization” and “Housing, Education and Employment” sections for some interesting insights)


2 Responses to “Prayer Walk”

  1. Mom Says:

    you wrote of how simply praying together can provide such a beautiful window into the soul-that is an unexpected blessing I have experienced in praying with others to forward God’s work through you guys in the Netherlands. I really enjoyed your insight and how you expressed it.

  2. Hey buddy. Still praying for you guys, and hoping to see you this summer. Or sometime this year, at the least.

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