Summer Plans

April 27, 2009

As of Sunday the cat is officially out of the bag: Stan and Marnie will be traveling to the United States for six weeks this summer for some much needed rest and reconnection with family and friends.  As you can imagine, this has me excited for a number of reasons:

First, I am excited for our pastor and his wife to spend some time being refreshed and getting reconnected.  They’ve been a long time at the grindstone and we’re celebrating the time break they are about to enjoy.

Second, this is a great opportunity for our church, Cross Culture.  There is no doubt Stan and Marnie’s absence will be felt in our church, but there is also no doubt that the people in our church are ready to step in to leadership and ministry.  For my part I will be focusing my attention on filling Stan’s teaching role in the church, and especially on equipping new teachers.  I’m praying that the church the Marinussens return to will be one God has mobilized to move in to a new season of involvement.

In other news…

If you have been wondering, like so many who have asked, about how Jude is doing with his weight gain, here is my picture answer-

Jude three months ago:

String Bean

Jude this week:



One Response to “Summer Plans”

  1. Mom Says:

    Wow, that tummy is beginning to look like grandpa!! (did I just say that?)

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