May 23, 2009

No child care for kids under two years, four sessions a day, stretching from 9:00 am to 9:30 pm with no nap space or beds for kids needing sleep during the day or car to provide mobility made for a pretty strong case that we’d made a mistake in coming to Siegen.  Forget enjoying any teaching.  Forget connecting with friends from our church.  I began to imagine Kate and I being trapped at the conference for 12+ hours, with a tired, baby simply trying to survive.

Thankfully, things did not end as I had feared.

For one, our German host family was great.  Not only were they great hosts and great to talk with, but they also let us use one of their cars for the week.  While there weren’t any beds for Jude, we did find a nice room with one-way windows into the sanctuary and a live video feed of the sessions.  This room also gave us a good place to meet other missionary parents in Europe.

No, we didn’t get a ton out of the sessions.  No, we didn’t get a ton of time to connect with people from our church.  But, we still had opportunity to be refreshed by the worship, teaching and downtime of the conference.

I’ll be putting pictures on flickr soon enough.  Thanks to those of you who prayed for us while we were gone (Are the twitter updates working for you guys?)!

Lastly–how great it was to see tree clad hills as far as the eye can see again!


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