Who Needs a Trunk?

June 1, 2009

back from my shopping

back from my shopping

Oh the days of stocking up on food at WINCO.  Making my way down the giant Hummer-sized aisles , I would have a full grocery cart by the end and wouldn’t return for an average of 2 weeks.  I am sure this sounds familiar to most Americans,  and it makes sense to shop that way.  Everything is so spread out in the States.  Your local grocery store might be several miles away from your house (or at least the one you can find good deals at).  The doctor’s office or bank might be all the way across town.

the goods

the goods

Here in Europe cities are set up quite different.  I can look out our front windows and see the doctors office that Jude gets his checkups/ vaccines at and the grocery store I frequent is just a block away from that.  I go to the store every couple of days and it seems this is pretty typical since I rarely see a full grocery cart.  The aisles might be big enough for cars, but only the “smart” kind. Being that we don’t have a car I have to be more aware of what I am buying and how much room it will take up.  It is pretty comical trying to fit the various items into the saddlebags on my bike but I think I have gotten better with practice, the Wulf family calls this “spacial intelligence.”


2 Responses to “Who Needs a Trunk?”

  1. Mom Says:

    Good memories here. Really helpful for understanding life at your house, too! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Terra Says:

    Love this post, Kate! Maybe I can experience this with you some day. : )

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