June 9, 2009

Just a couple of notes from last week in no particular order:

#1 – Something new jumped out at me on the public transportation website I frequent for bus and train times and routes  Under means of travel I have a couple of different options: train, bus, metro, tram, ferry, regional taxi and Zeppelin.  What!?  Zeppelin?!?  “Hmmm…well, we could go by bus or train…probably cost about ten euros.  Or…we could take…a zeppelin!”  Surprises hiding around every corner!

Public Transportation Website Options

#2 – Spent between four and five hours getting a crash course of the crash course of Way of the Master.  Pretty good material, though, like most things in the church, I think it ought to be balanced by some more holistic emphases.  Anyway, for me, the most important and impactful portion of the time came at the very end, in one conversation I had with one of the guys from Cross Culture.  It began with a simple question: “What do you think?” and ended with this adult man choking back tears as he reflected on his journey of faith.  “When I first came to Christ I was so amazed by the people at church.  They seemed to be consumed with inward, churchy things…now, after 18 years, I ‘ve become that way too.”  It was beautiful to see and to talk about, and it has taken me back to thinking about just how the church facilitates mission (as opposed to church which removes people from life through multiplying programs).  (Join me in reading Total Church if you’d like to think more about it)

#3 – When your country has more bikes than people, its bound to bleed out in the values of the country right?  And so a couple of years ago on our first visit to Amsterdam we learned to stay off the red paths to avoid bike tread stains up our backsides.  This week Kate and I witnessed another anomaly of coexisting with bikes: the bike garbage.  You’ll see them next to bike paths and streets alike, but to my foreign eyes, it basically looks like the Dutch have simply moved that garbage can/basketball hoop in your office out in to the public, redeeming a classic work waster by transforming it in to a national pasttime.  Leave it to the Dutch!  Sheer genius!

garbage can


One Response to “Discoveries”

  1. Just watch out though that Harrison Ford isn’t on the zeppelin or else he’ll beat you up and throw you out the window.


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