Recent Musings

June 16, 2009

As I continue to reflect on contextualizing the Gospel in our current setting, I have begun to compile a list of questions that will help me and us reengage our purpose here as a church (and especially the youth side of that).  I guess I’m mostly thinking in terms of living out the theology we profess to believe, but often fail to display.  You might put it this way: “If the Bible declares this to be true, then how are we living that truth out?”  Here’s an example of one of these questions:

Since God has invested so great a power in us (Eph. 1:19-20), what are we doing, or how are we living, that would require so great a power to be successful?  Is there anything which we have committed to as a church and as a youth group, which could be said to require so much?

And another: Since God creates from community (Trinity) being which, in order to reflect him well must be in community (“Let us create Man in our image”–image is also relational in nature), how are we overcoming our Western inclination toward individualism to reclaim a holistic, Godly community?  How well does our present community (maybe you can read “church” here) provide a foretaste to that future community into which we are being born (the city in Revelation and the restored people of God)?

I’m going to continue asking questions like these of myself.  I’d love to hear what questions you are struggling with and what Gospel truths you are searching to find evidenced in your life and community.


One Response to “Recent Musings”

  1. Mom Says:

    I have read this post over a few times=it is very thought provoking.

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