Make Sense of this For Me…

June 26, 2009

So, I was talking with a Dutch student today trying to understand yet another aspect of the Dutch paradox.

Imagine and try, if you can, to make sense of this: a Dutch high school over here just threw a party for the graduating class (imagine the drug/alcohol free parties most of us had).  The cover charge is 20 euros (roughly $28).  And what is said cover charge covering?  Unlimited beer.  Seriously, the school threw a party with unlimited beer.  I still can believe that, but  it gets better.

This same school is having a prom on Monday, including a four course meal and where a time when students will be invited to come out in their tuxes and dresses onto a grass field for the dance portion of the night.  The strange thing this time: you aren’t aloud to bring a date.  “What?  The school invites 17-18 year-olds to drink as much as they want (the legal drinking age is 16) in celebration of their graduation, and then, at their prom draws the line at bringing a date?”

How does this make sense?

UPDATE: The Dutch news just reported yesterday that male Dutch students on holiday without their parents average 17 glasses of alcohol (any type) per day–the second highest in Europe.


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