Good Quote

June 30, 2009

Just after coming across a quote from a professor at the Free University in Amsterdam, I came across this quote:

“Just as the church ceases to be church if it is not missionary, theology ceases to be theology if it loses its missionary character…We are in need of a missiological agenda for theology rather than just a theological agenda for mission; for theology, rightly understood, has no reason to exist other than critically to accompany the [mission of God]” (Total Church 156).

Re-read it a couple of times if you want to get the whole message.  Heck, read the book if you want to get the WHOLE, whole message.  As the subtitle points out, Chester and Timmis’ book Total Church is meant to be “A radical reshaping around the Gospel and Community”.  Simple idea with some profound implications.  Do I agree with all of them?  No, but I have been encouraged to allow the Lord to re-form my thoughts about church in some ways I think will be very helpful for our context here in Holland.  Only time (and more blog posts) will tell (you) how things turn out over here as we re-center ourselves on our calling.  Pray for this process!


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