Week Recap

July 11, 2009

As I sit in our darkened bedroom at 1:04 pm and think over the week, I have to say, this was kind of a crazy one.  So many good things, and yet I’m still working over the aftereffects of migraine number two in just three days time–and the first one had me up all night throwing up it hurt so bad (a first for me).  On the other hand, the week was full of other moments that totally highlighted what we’re doing and why we’re here, etc.  Here were some of the highlights for me in no particular order:

  • Having one of the guys from the fellowship teach Tuesday’s Bible study (and we’re talking about team-teaching future studies)
  • Walking through Galatians 5:13-24 with someone and having him discover the futility of looking to the Law for how we are to live, when its role is in pointing out when we are worthy of death (How wonderful to know that only Jesus justifies!)
  • Jude’s antics and discoveries (I’m not even going to try to write the new sounds he’s discovering!)
  • Washing other Christians and being washed with the truth of the Gospel when our lives demonstrate our unbelief (which happens regularly!).
  • Planning for summer camp
  • Daily reminders of how wonderful my wife is.
  • Thinking through missional/ministry issues with good friends in the States.
  • Praying through the exciting places the Lord appears to be moving Calvary Chapel Cross Culture.
  • Enjoying fellowship while helping a family in the church move.

Short little list for so full a week.  Just a couple highlights for you.  Thank you to everyone who has ben praying for us this last week.  The migraines make things doubly difficult and your prayers make an immense difference!

Let me know if you’ve got any input on migraines and what causes them.  I’m hoping to look in to that a little more actively as they’ve been showing up more…Thanks!


One Response to “Week Recap”

  1. Mom Says:

    Joey, dad has some ideas about what may cause your migraines. We hope to skype soon, maybe sunday?
    We are praying for you.

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