July 18, 2009

And now for a new feature on our blog where we try to insert you in to the common everyday conundrums we face living in a new country.  Your job, same as ours (only we actually live here) is to make sense of the cultural code and figure out what is actually going on.

This weeks episode follows a number of sightings around Nieuw Vennep.  Though the picture is borrowed, the sighting is the same: the hind quarters of a fake stork protruding from windows of all shapes and sizes, usually accompanied by what appearss to be tape of varying colors representing cracks in the window.  Now, you decide, what is it? (See the comments for the answer to this installment of “WHAT IS IT?”)


One Response to ““WHAT IS IT?””

  1. joewulf Says:

    What better way to announce the entry of a little baby in to the world than a stork smashed through your window?

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