20 Churches in _____ Years

July 23, 2009

How long would, should or could it take for one church of…oh, let’s pull a number out of the air…say, fifty (-ish) people to plant 20 churches?  Great question.   Our pastor Stan has said that he would be a happy man if 20 churches had been planted in Holland by the time he dies.  Is it pie in the sky or is it possible?

“Yeah, but God can accomplish anything he wants and its not about what we do.”  I know, I know.  I get it, I really do.  But aside from the near determinism that says “God’s going to do what God’s going to do”, the question I am asking is, what things do we as a church need to participate with God in the building of his Kingdom?

#1 – We need to know our identity.  Most of the time I believe resistance to church planting is rooted in the belief that “I’m not called or equipped to plant a church.”  The only reason I can think of for having this perspective is that people do not believe they already are the church.  When I come to terms with the fact that I already am the church–because of Jesus’ work in me–then planting church becomes very accessible.

#2 – We need to re-discover what it means for us to be a Gospel-centered community.  Many of us have been saved by a Gospel that is only large enough to demand two hours each Sunday morning from us.  The Gospel of some demands even less.  However, if the life Jesus offers is truly life, then it ought to reform not only my Sundays, but my Mondays and Tuesdays and Wednesdays as well.  So, how are we living as the Gospel-founded community, feasting on the riches of Christ in our everyday lives together?  If the answer to that question also defines what the church is or was meant to be, then surely the insurmountable gap between doing and being church will begin to shrink and again planting church becomes very accessible.

These are two of my biggest desires for the people in our fellowship.  That they would know their identity in Christ.  And that we would actually begin to live the Gospel-centered community Christ made us to be when he saved us by grace for the good works he prepared for us to do beforehand in Jesus!

Please pray for us!


3 Responses to “20 Churches in _____ Years”

  1. Jhon Kuppens Says:

    The simplicity of God’s Truth! It is incredible to know that we are the church everyday of our lives. Am I living the Life that I was called to live on a daily basis? This causes me to think deeply about my life instead of just going along with the urgent tasks of the moment. Do my actions reflect the Great God who called me out of darkness into His light? Wow! Thank the Lord His mercy is new everyday. His grace is abundant and His love is never ending. Direct my steps Lord and let not my sin have dominion over me is my new daily prayer. Thanks for the Word Joey.

  2. Brad Jenkins Says:

    What about Thursday-Saturday?

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