Being Church

July 28, 2009

Wednesday afternoon I got a call from one of the guys who attends Cross Culture asking me if I would go with him to pray for a friend who was essentially in a coma.  I agreed, we set a time and met later that night.

As we attempted to find our way around the hospital Andre and I shared our ineptitude: he in praying for people at a hospital and I in navigating the cultural underpinnings that surround hospitals, sickness and death.  He had little idea what to do or say.  I had little idea where to say it or how to get there.  Between the two of us we needed a miracle just to get out of the lobby!

Free University Medical Center

Free University Medical Center

After about ten minutes of wandering dimly lit, staffless halls, Andre and I finally found our way to the ICU waiting room–or at least it would have been a waiting room had we been there during visiting hours.  Undampened by the dark room and vacant nurses station, we decided to pause for prayer.  “God help Pete, and open the doors to let us pray with him.”

Walking back down the hall we spotted a nurse–the only nurse we’d seen since arriving–and asked her if we might be allowed in to ICU to pray for Pete.  She disappeared for a couple minutes and returned to allow us in (of course this whole interchange is happening in Dutch whilst I sit by nodding).

Little more happened that night really.  Andre and I went in.  We prayed.  We talked to Pete for a bit (though he was essentially non-responsive) and we left.

A couple days later Andre shared this report with Stan who passed it on to the church:

According to doctors Pete’s kidneys are no longer working and he isparalyzed from the neck. They were told this in a meeting Thursday afternoon!  Later Thursday, he was very clear and recognized family.  Thursday evening he saw his daughter and moved his arm.  Her sister did not believe it. The doctors were very pleased and perplexed.  Friday at noon Pete moved his arms when the sister asked Pete to move them.

Who knows how far the Lord will take the healing of this man?  Who knows how much he understood as we talked and prayed with him that Wednesday night? And who knows whether God might bring Pete in to relationship with himself that will ultimately restore him when Jesus returns?

All this because Andre followed the leading of the Holy Spirit and chose to go and be light and hope in a place of darkness and despair.  As I’ve said earlier, my continuing prayer is that the church here would know their identity in Christ, and that they might go to live it out like Andre, wherever the Lord leads them.


One Response to “Being Church”

  1. Mom Says:

    very encouraging to read, Joey. It is also exciting to know your neighbors will be seeing more of you, or maybe more of who you are, to say that more accurately.

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