August 10, 2009

If you missed it before, “WHAT IS IT?” is a chance for you to get inside our experience of figuring out a new culture.  It may include pictures, stories and/or polls for you to weigh in on the current episode’s conundrum.

Its not often I stand willingly in the grocery store line, but this time I was captivated.  “What the…?”  I think I was looking at some sort of advertising, or maybe a visualized Dutch proverb about saving money no matter where it is found?  To be honest, I don’t think anyone is enjoying what is going on in this picture.  Not the donkey and certainly not those of us finding these coins in some sort of ancient form of the couch cushion…

One more cultural code we have to work on.  Any thoughts?

Yes, those are coins.

Yes, those are coins.


One Response to “WHAT IS IT?”

  1. Mom Says:

    I would not have guessed that those are coins.

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