What You Learn from Silence

August 14, 2009

The first thing you learn, as it relates to blogs, is that something has occurred in the life of the author to illicit  silence.  In this case it has been the craziness of hosting twelve people from the US while also planning and prepping for a five day retreat (where you will also be doing most of the teaching).  Oh, and in the eye of the hurricane is your son’s birthday.

Whew!  I feel like I need to take a breather after just writing that sentence!

As I said, life has been amazingly busy this last week, though not needlessly so.  Since I haven’t been able to share this past week, let me take the time to do it now.  Here are a couple of the things I’m excited about:

  • Jude just turned one!  It has been an amazing year to growth as reality and parenthood have set in in new ways.  After opening presents in the morning we went to a theme park called Duinrell
  • The Lord continues to lead us corporately and me individually in to who he is and who he has made us to be through the Gospel.  I’m especially excited for how this is lending new, sharper focus to my interactions with people both inside and outside the church (stories to come later perhaps…)
  • Next week is going to be a week of discovery for many of the students present.  We will not only be uncovering the power God that is at work in us, but also the identity he has implanted in us through Christ’s indwelling.
    From the understanding of our identity in Christ and his work in us that we explore at camp, we will be moving to reshapre our current weekly meeting time in to something that will better serve the pursuit of God’s purposes in and through our lives in the daily, ordinary places we inhabit.  God help us break down the barriers of sacred/secular, church/world, emerging with a more unified, holistic life in Christ!

I put some pictures and videos up Flickr too.  This video is from the theme park we went to on Jude’s birthday (Thanks Bert!).  He locked on to me and made this sound the whole time…


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