Off to Camp!

August 16, 2009

Half social/spiritual experiment, half foray in to our identity in Christ, tomorrow we shove off for five days away with the students (American and Dutch) at camp, and this time what we learn and where we end up matters.  Let me explain…

In our quest to discover a missional approach to missions, we have been trying something new with the team from Crossroads.  Instead of putting together an event for people to come to, or conjuring up some thing we think will attract people to come so we can bring them to Jesus, we’ve taken a somewhat reverse tactic; helping the team discover and then live out their identity in Christ.  My hope is that this week as we continue to explore our identity in Christ we’ll begin to uncover what our life together should look like.

That’s where the social/spiritual experiment comes in.  What does a community that lives their identity in Christ together look like?  And how do we build our church around supporting the ministry of people (Eph. 4:11-13) in our fellowship living out their that life in Christ lived out (which translates easily to “ministry”)?  These are the questions I’m hoping we begin to explore this week.

Please pray for us as we spend these five days away!  I’ll try to keep the twitter prayer requests (go here for updates or to follow our prayer request) coming during the week, but I’m not sure how good our cell phone reception will be there (I’m not sure she’ll be able to update either, but watch Kari Hagelganz’s blog for more perspective on the team’s trip as well).  Here are some of our major needs:

  • For the Spirit to empower us to live out the identity we have in Christ
  • For wisdom as we reshape our expression of church together to support
  • For clear leading from God for how our identity in Christ leads us to live

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