Campy, Camp, Camp…

August 20, 2009

Just a quick update…
Wow! It has been a great week away with the youth here! Teaching, which has largely been discussion/discovery on steriods, began with the power of God, moving to explore our identity in Christ (as family, missionaries, servants and learners via @somacommunities), one session each. Then we moved to reconsider how these identities pave a way for us to live. Finally, we spent our final session re-evaluating how our meeting together serves to bolster and support our identity in Christ.
Even as I type this the students are discussing some really great stuff!
My main goal for us this week has been that it would help us shift our focus from “church” being all about the times we gather (on Sunday and Tuesday) to being about our identity as church. I’m excited for what lies in store! Though it is still infantile for many of us, I’m seeing some awesome glimmers of lights coming on as students’ lives are beginning to be changed by their identity in Christ. So good. So good…
I’ll be writing more once we get back (and I’m no longer typing on a two inch keyboard).
More soon!


One Response to “Campy, Camp, Camp…”

  1. Mom Says:

    Thanks for the quick update!! We really appreciate you taking time to share and keep us current and in the loop.

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