One Side of Camp

August 24, 2009

Call it a social experiment in transformation.  Call exploring the spiritual landscape left in Jesus’ re-creating wake.  Call it a wager on the connectedness of all believers to the Head.   Whatever you call it, last week was phenomenal.  If I really try to boil the week down to its core–in the way we played, the way we worshiped, the way we studied, the way we ate together, and everything else–the weekend was really about us becoming who Jesus had already made us.

And so, when we worshipped we led (Eph. 5:19) and ministered to each other (James 5:16; Heb. 10:24-25).  When we ate, we waited (I Cor 11:33) for and served each other (literally–you weren’t allowed to serve yourself dinner I Pet. 4:10).  When we studied we learned together and taught each other (Col. 3:16).  When we played we came up with the games together.  A bit different than we’re used to, but at its heart, all of it was an attempt to live as though each of us is connected to the Head through our relationship with Jesus.

I’ll be honest, things were a little rough at times in the beginning, and our times of worship are a perfect microcosm of the week. Our first evening response time was pretty standard: a couple people playing music below and a little to the side of the projector, me sitting off to the other side in the front, with everyone else sitting semi-circularly in front of us.  As the week progressed however, I migrated away from the front to where I could be more among everyone.  I began introducing our times with encouragement for people to lead out in prayer or scripture reading, even encouraging them to pause our time, inviting others to pray, confess sin, or read scripture.  Somewhere in the middle of the week, the worship band also moved away from the front, so that by the end week the front had been totally demolished.

I wasn’t taking too many notes during the first and the final worship times, so I can’t compare them too fully.  But, I can tell you the difference between the two was immense.  I don’t remember how many people prayed, read scripture, encouraged others to contribute or respond to what the Lord was doing, but I did notice how many people played music or powerpoint during the one and a half hours we spent in worship.  The first night five people participated; one on power point, four playing four different instruments.  Thursday, during our last response time powerpoint changed hands four times and no one instrument was played the entire time by any one person–some changed hands as many as many as five times!

Alright, so besides a random bunch of “worship stats” what was that all about?  The point of that, was that in the course of just five days, as our little group of 23ish people communed on our identity in Christ we more than doubled the number of people willing to lead others in to worship!

Where this really gets exciting to me, is when I begin thinking in other spheres.  Our time began with only two or three teachers at most–how many did we leave with?  I don’t think many students came to camp expecting to serve, yet, by the end, they had all become accustomed to serving!

Now, as we settle back in to living in the “real world”, the challenge is figuring out how we (and I specifically) can move to support the lives Jesus is leading our students to lead right where he has put them.  This is exactly the question we are asking of our Tuesday night gathering–how can we use this time to support your daily life in Jesus in the places he has put you?  No longer, “How can we get you here?” but “How can we help you minister where you are?”

Much the same as camp, we’re setting out in to new territory, depending on Jesus to lead us in to the new things and new places he is moving.  Dangerous and risky business I know, but I’m anticipating good things from the one from whom all good things flow!

PS – Hopefully Ryan and Kari will be blogging their thoughts from their time in France and Holland soon so keep an eye out.

PPS – I’m going to try to get some pictures up here soon…


One Response to “One Side of Camp”

  1. Mom Says:

    This, what you have described, is real life. Thanks.

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