Jude the Talker?

October 13, 2009

Big Boy

Jude is beginning to mimic like crazy!  Last couple days he seems come out with some really cute new animal sounds and words.  Besides his breathy lion (usually whispered, “Ahhhhh!”), he now does a cute monkey (an ear piercingly high “Ah, ah, ah, ah!”), cat (“yow”), cow (with lips hardly open and cheeks full of air, “Booo!”) and a very manly dog (low voiced “Ufff! Ufff!”).

Its still countable one hand, but his vocab has expanded to include “Aaaaaaht” for “Hot”,  “Aaaaaaa-nen” for “Amen”, “Ah-da” for “All done” and “Diggle, diggle, diggle” for “Tickle, tickle tickle”.  He also signs “please”, “more” and “eat”.  What a cute guy!

Oh, and one more thing–he just learned how to stand up on his own today!

Hopefully we’ll get some videos up here soon…



4 Responses to “Jude the Talker?”

  1. Katie Says:

    SO CUTE! Claire does a really breathy lion sound too. Except now instead of the normal “roar” it’s a breathy/roary sounding “hi”. So the lion says “hi” now, I guess 🙂 haha

  2. Mom Says:

    Thanks for posting such details about Jude and his growing vocabulary. Stands up on his own? Sounds like his confidence is unfolding and he will soon be taking those steps that move him onto being a regular walker. I so long to be there and be able to witness all of this-God knows, though.

  3. karen osgood Says:

    What did I tell you? As soon as he learned he could take those steps himself, he’s ready to stand up and soon run. I miss him so much already, all of you of course. What a wonderful time we had being there with you all.

  4. joewulf Says:

    Hope you guys enjoy the video too! He is changing so fast these days!
    BTW–he started blowing on hot food today. 🙂

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