Visiting the Patch of Pumpkins

October 20, 2009

Wednesday we went to a local farmer’s patch of pumpkins for some autumn-y goodness.  What emerged primarily was a photo shoot of our most photogenic son. 🙂  After some coaxing–“No, Jude, the pumpkins are more fun than the rocks!”–he gave us some good ones.

Those of you who are used to the Sauvie Island experience (or some cousin–click here or here for what I mean) will appreciate the subtleties of our adventure; especially riding our bikes to a small gravel parking lot where lives a couple wheelbarrows of gourds and a small trailer loaded with 8-10 pumpkins. 🙂  A bit different, but still a great time had by all–not the least of whom would be Kate, our resident all-things-Fall-and-Christmas junky (we had cider last night–lol!).

OHHH! (insert goat-ish laugh)


Pumpkin Cuties

Pumpkin Mover



2 Responses to “Visiting the Patch of Pumpkins”

  1. Gregg Says:

    That last picture just oozes coolness.

  2. joewulf Says:

    No handed biking WHILE holding a pumpkin? Of course it does Gregg!

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