When God closes a door…

October 27, 2009

“God just didn’t open any windows.”  How many times have I heard this?  How many times have I said it myself?  Nonetheless, the last time I heard it (a couple of weeks ago), it sparked a great conversation with the guys in my triad, because God doesn’t open windows or doors for us to join his mission.

As I see it, “open window” theology grows from an evangelism oriented salvation.  “I’m not going to hell” might be the main statement of faith here.  Good news to be sure, but it also denies the Gospel’s power to reshape and redefine the whole existence of those it has and is saving.  The problem with open windows is that we have to wait for them to be opened!

To be sure, God is the opener and closer of doors and windows, but not when it comes to mission.  When the Pharisees charge Jesus with breaking the Sabbath window he replied, “My Father is working until now, and I too am working.” (John 5:17)–and it almost gets him killed.  Jesus’ rationale for healing a man is not that God opened the window, but that God is always working!

As Leonard Sweet puts it, “The church can never be ‘on a mission’ because that presupposes an ‘off’ switch, and you can’t be ‘off mission’ and still be a church. The church is mission” (So Beautiful, 64).  So if we stop waiting for God to open the next window, how do we start joining God where he is working?



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