Looking Back on the First Year

November 10, 2009

Jude's PassportWe’re now three days over living in the Netherlands for one full year and I’m still trying to wrap my mind around it.  If I could sum up the last year in one word, I think that word would have to be “learning”.

Its not just that I’ve been reading some great books and articles or that I’ve been hearing some great messages–though both are true.  Its like I’ve finally hit some sort of wall where what I’m learning is forcing its way out in to life.  Where learning apart from living has come to be fraudulent.

Learning, or learning that I’m proud to share at least, usually says something to the world about my having mastered something.  “Let me share with you what I have learned.”  The learning of the last twelve, and especially the last eight to ten months, however

has demonstrated anything but mastery.  And so, it is not mastery to which I now call others, but learning and journeying along with me.

“How do I incarnate Christ?  How would his life come infiltrate my parenting, my finances, my time management, my leisure, my work?  How does this newly implanted identity in Christ work its way out in to the corners of my life?”

Though maybe at one time I had thought my purpose in coming to Holland was to train a youth pastor, I’m now finding my purpose to be more faithfully expressed in planting these kinds of questions in the minds and hearts of others.  Then it is my job to continue journeying with those in whom the seed germinates and takes root.

And that, quite simply, is how I would sum up this year’s progress: we have found some with whom we can journey.  Some with whom we can be inadequate.  Some with whom we can seek, ask and knock in search of the One who will answer and seed more questions himself.


PS – Enjoy my favorite video of Jude laughing and pics from the four seasons. 🙂

Sunday on the Ice



Just after sticking her tongue out :)



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