Living In The Story

November 17, 2009

"Remedy is coming" - David Crowder

Over the last couple months my friend Arto and I have been meeting and stirring each other’s life in Christ together.  This last time, meeting atop Amsterdam’s immense library (here’s my twitpic of the view), Arto shared some stories of interactions he’s been having with some friends.  Apparently they’ve been gaining an education on the Illuminati (Click here for your own Youtube education on the Illuminati).  I’m no expert on the Illuminati, and neither is Arto, but I loved his response to his friends.

Essentially, what it came down to was the fact that figuring out mysteries and secret hand signals and all that stuff just doesn’t lead a person to living a very fruitful or satisfying life.  So when Arto asked that obvious question, “So, how does that lead you to live?”  he found the conversation launching in to the Christian story–creation-fall-redemption-restoration.  **TIME OUT**

Though I’ve already blogged over Donald Miller‘s latest book A Million Miles in a Thousand Years here, I’ve run across a couple other resources on story I wanted to pass on.  Similar to Miller’s challenge to engage in the conflict and live meaningfully, though more explicitly biblical in orientation, Jeff Vanderstelt just posted a handout called “Engaging the Story” on his blog that I found helpful (also check out Soma Communities’ website for resources on “Storying“).  Or, for those looking for a slightly longer, more involved read N.T. Wright’s “How Can the Bible be Authoritative?”.  Of, if you really want to go deep on story and how the Bible shapes our story and invites us to live inside of it then check out The Drama of Doctrine by Kevin Vanhoozer.  There you’ll find over 480 pages on the subject. Back to Arto’s friends though…

**TIME IN!**

As Arto and I are looking to move forward, we’re planning on moving our weekly meeting up to Diemen where he lives.  And maybe, just maybe, as we learn to live inside the story Jesus tells, maybe these friends of Arto’s will also find themselves caught up in the grand story told by the Great Storyteller who is coming to bring restoration and resolution to the greatest conflict the universe has ever known!



2 Responses to “Living In The Story”

  1. KatieO Says:

    This is the sermon series Rick has been preaching at Imago for the past few weeks…Living in the Story. If you haven’t you should check out the podcasts!

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