Any hints on teeth grinding?

November 25, 2009

It is really terrible to hear your son grinding his teeth–especially when he only has three of them!  (though another one is close!)  My questions are these:

  • Any ideas on why is he doing it?
  • Is it bad for him?
  • If it is bad, is there anything we can do to stop it?




7 Responses to “Any hints on teeth grinding?”

  1. Gregg Says:

    I’ve had dentist imply that I grind my teeth, and that it is stress related, but what kind of stress could Jude possibly be under? My brother ground his teeth all the time as a little boy when he slept. Once when we were little we shared a room, and I remember waking up to this sound. I couldn’t pinpoint what it was, and my sleepy 7 or 8 year old brain began to concoct this story that some murderer was digging a grave in the pea gravel right outside my bedroom window. Turns out it was my brother grinding his teeth. Who would have thunk it sounded like a shovel in gravel at 2 in the morning?

    I don’t know if it’s bad – I’ve had one dentist say it dulls your teeth, and suggest I wear some mouth guard thing at night. I responded mentally that this would happen when pigs fly. So those are my thoughts. Don’t know if they help, but if anything it gave me a chance to say hi!

    • joewulf Says:

      You’re running two for two for making me laugh today Gregg! Thanks for the comment and especially the story! Lol! Thanks for the hello.

  2. karen osgood Says:

    I assume you have googled it and checked out the same websites I looked at but it doesn’t sound like too much to be worried about. About 3 out of 10 do this and usually grow out of it on their own. There don’t seem to be any tips to stop it, just let him grow out of it. I will let you know if I find anything else though.

  3. katieo Says:

    Claire did it. Just a phase thing 🙂

  4. Mom Says:

    He probably just does it for fun, right?
    In a few years, your cousin Casey will have his doctorate in psychology-maybe you can get him in for free if Jude keeps it up that long. Remember, if he does grind them down to little nubs, atleast he will get another chance with his permanent teeth-that’s the beauty of baby teeth! Not to worry though-cousin Casey will have probably have had a good affect by then anyway. He is your cousin, after all!

  5. Elise Says:

    Solveig does this, too. We asked her pediatrician about it and she told us babies do this a lot when they get their teeth in, because they’re facinated by them; they’re “trying them out.” But Solveig grinds them LOUD (I’m betting Jude does, too?). It still makes me uncomfortable when she does it, but so far her doctor isn’t concerned at all. But most of Solveig’s grinding is when she’s awake, so we can at least distract her to make her stop.

  6. joewulf Says:

    Yeah, most of Jude’s grinding is when he’s awake (I think) and man is it loud! I’ve seriously heard him from across the room several times. Ugh. What an awful sound!
    Thanks for the tips (and reassurances :)) He seems like he’s doing it a little less than often…we’ll keep you posted…

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