Saying Goodbye to my Sisters

November 30, 2009

As many of you know (since you sent your love with them! :)), my two sisters have been staying with us these last ten days.  We have had  a great time showing them around, talking, puzzling, and eating way too much candy (thanks again to all who armed us with it!).

"Sinterklaas is coming to town..."

Happy Birthday Sister!Besides Thanksgiving, we also got to celebrate my sister Terra’s birthday during their stay (Thanks to those who sent the cake mixes and frosting!  So good!)

Many thanks to those who have missed them most back in Vancouver.  It makes such a difference to have those you love acquainted with the home the Lord has called us to minister from.  We will miss you dearly sisters, but these last ten days have been great!


One Response to “Saying Goodbye to my Sisters”

  1. Terra Says:

    I must say that’s one good looking cake!! To think it actually tasted as good as it looks. : ) I love you three and am SO THANKFUL I was able to come visit. It was great living together again, even if was just 10 days. Miss you already.

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